2013–The Year of the Hanley’s

January 2, 2013 By Tom

2012 was one that Lauren and I can say represent memories and emotions that represent the roller coaster of life in many ways.  The last four months of 2012 represent to us moving forward and finding a new normal in our lives.

When I think back to 2012, I think of the success we experienced as a family, in our careers and the stance we took when we were asked to sidestep our values and morals.  The highlights that I think of include:

  • Our growth as a couple and the continuing realization we can do anything we desire
  • The passion Lauren and I have to make the world a better place with our philanthropic efforts as a way to mark good coming out of all the bad
  • The video we were involved in regarding our efforts to make others aware of red light safety
  • The great media attention my nonprofit Nine13sports got
  • watching our house transform during the remodel in a way that still takes my breath away
  • having the chance to travel with Lauren in these last few months and enjoy things that we were unable to enjoy for the first two years of life
  • enjoy the love of our friends and family here in Indianapolis
  • watch “the nephews” continue to grow up into amazing young men
  • watch my wife expand her career and involvement in many truly important projects that benefit this city
  • work to grow our nonprofit from humble beginnings to something that created 7,800 youth interactions in 2012 with a variety of great program partners
  • sitting on the deck with our dogs drinking a beer and looking at the stars
  • celebrating two years of marriage to my better half and quickly realize we’re approaching three years

We celebrated 2013 in our preferred way–at home with our dogs, a great dinner, a bottle of Champagne that had been brought back by my sister-in-law from Paris over 2 years ago that we were saving to celebrate the end of litigation/the end of the remodel/the beginning of the new future.

2013 is the year of The Hanley’s—hope you can keep up..