A Little Coping Reflection

February 23, 2016 By Tom

I’m sitting at a bar waiting for one of my favorite women in Indy who I’ve gotten to know through professional and personal channels show up to catch up and pontificate world domination.

I’ve found myself with a crazy whirlwind of a schedule over these last few weeks and the vast majority of it being all positive stuff. New equipment and systems at Nine13, finalizing some of the expansion details, a slew of grants, and some really awesome news I can’t share until tomorrow. The next few days are full of meaningful meetings and continuing to look towards the rest of 2016 with the reality I will never be bored with all we have going on.

I feel like in some ways, life has settled into this new normal routine as much as it will. Things have settled down, returned to an almost eerie like normalcy that I’m at times uneasy about.

I caught up with one of my SKL classmates this afternoon who is a total bad-ass on her own merits, and who has dealt with her own cards in life well enough to know how to call me out when needed. We wound up having a discussion about, “with everything that has happened in life, would you change it or is it so cemented into who you are and has made you the person who is at this point now?”


a wise woman once told me that puppy pictures make everything better

It’s a tough question. It’s something I struggle with as I still mentally wrestle with being 29 and process all that has happened in the last six years. Those chapters of my story seem to be written so long ago, it takes me a moment of pause before I can process when they happened.

My mood has been far from melancholy in these last weeks, I’ve had enough people in my world making sure I’m laughing and smiling and having a good time. And there has been plenty of all of those moments. There’s also been a lot of time for reflection and processing what has happened and where things are.

And then, in a moment of a busy day like today when I get really good news, I instinctively start to text those in my inner-most circle and start to send a text to Denver to share it with her. And the gut check of not having my best friend here hits me all over again.

My rule of writing is to hit “post” and then go back and make any edits. It prevents me from significantly changing the content of the writing and commits me to only making minor grammatical edits. I have a feeling when I go back and read this, it’s going to resemble what my life currently feels like: a whole lot of good, a whole lot of love, a little confused, and still adjusting to this whole new thing.

I can’t wait to get some awesome news out tomorrow through corporate and personal channels…stay tuned.