A Letter to my Interns

May 13, 2015 By Tom

interns help the wheels go round

I trust you more than you realize.

How can you tell?

Because I’ve put the brand I built from scratch in your hands.

Because I genuinely have faith that you, as our interns, won’t somehow burn to the ground what I’ve fought tooth and nail to build.

I had to learn to delegate over these last 18 months. It hasn’t always been easy. My current team at Nine13 has taught me to trust in them, to put faith in them that they won’t kill my pride and joy of an organization. They’ve taught me that I can’t carry the weight of this fast-growing organization alone and that I would either collapse from the pressure or burn out if I didn’t learn how to ask for help and have knowledge they will be the best assets I’ve brought into my professional life and will help us grow.

My trust issues stem from a lot of things–ask me sometime what those are and I’ll gladly share.

Every day is a competition at work–we’re competing against other non-profits, other marketing resources, new organizations, old organizations, and the kid down the street who could create the next big thing that overshadows us. I trust you to be part of our team and help me command the resources and impact that Nine13 is capable of.

You’re on our team because I trust in you. I envision you learning from us, being a resource for us, and hopefully for 1 or 2 of you–ultimately finding your way back after graduation and working for us.

You’re part of this awesome group of people because I think you’ll learn. I will challenge you. I will make you think outside the box. I will strive to be an educational tool for you that you could never replicate in a classroom.

You’re part of the club now, let’s rock and roll.