A Perfect Day

February 14, 2014 By Tom

Yesterday was a great day, one of those days that can only be summed up as “doing the right thing” and hanging out with awesome people.

First and foremost, Nine13sports took an official corporate stance on the HJR-3 bill (link to statement: http://nine13sports.org/bicycles-are-equalizers-and-indiana-should-be-too/) and joined dozens of other organizations and leaders in Indianapolis who were standing up for what was right.  The amount of support and kind words, emails, texts and phone calls I got yesterday after we took this stand was incredible.  The fact I only had 2 people email me to tell me I going to Hell gives me a whole lot of faith that Indiana isn’t nearly as backwards as we occasionally like to portray ourselves.  All in all, it was great to see the outpouring of support and then have HJR-3 essentially die on the vote yesterday in terms of the crucial second sentence.

Last night was the Brackets for Good kickoff event at the Speak Easy.  It was incredible being in a room with leaders of 63 other non-profits, big and small, who all have the same passion to make Indianapolis even better for all of us.  It’s always great to see old friends, meet new friends and have a great event in my favorite space.  We’re excited for the BFG14 challenge, and I will be recruiting help from all of you for the contest.

another awesome party for a great cause

The other great thing I kept hearing last night was how many people had heard of what an awesome party and wild success Wheels and Wings was.  People I had never met who, after learning I am with Nine13, immediately jumped into all the awesome things they heard about it.  Absolutely highlighting that once again, Indianapolis is awesome.

Oh, the other highlight?  Getting a text message from a friend with a photo from Sun King Brewing that included their poster wall having our logo up on it for Yoga, Beer for Bikes.  I got a little giddy seeing our logo on that exclusive wall at my favorite brewery.

seriously, this is up in the brewery, best Valentine’s Day gift possible

And Zilla got a new toy.  And both dogs say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

he’s more protective of this thing than Ellie ever was with pink ball

this is as best as I could get them to pose

Have a great weekend!