A “Relaxed” Weekend

July 24, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Lauren and I don’t do sit around and hang out on the couch weekends; not our style and we can only watch so many Netflix movies before we’re bouncing off the walls.  With that being said; even by our standards this past weekend was a busy one; we’re getting to the point that we need to make sure we spread these out in life; but it was a good one!


I blame the waitress for the bad lighting..
Great night for a concert…
I got L tickets for the O.A.R. concert here in Indy for her birthday.  She’s never seen them, and it’s been a few years since I had last seen them play (at my favorite venue in Columbus, OH to boot!), so we did a “birthday” celebration on Friday.  We tried the new Italian place at the JW Marriot for a late lunch/early dinner, followed by grabbing a drink at an old bar downtown right across from all the state government buildings, and capped it off with the concert.  Wasn’t a huge fan of the venue at White River State Park, or the lack of classic O.A.R songs; but the evening as a whole was great, and quite warm!
She really wanted a picture with the antelope…?
Not a bad view from here (the calm of the storm)
The not so calm of the storm!


Got up early to go hike at our favorite trail ever; down at Yellowwood State Park east of Bloomington.  The 105 heat index by the time we got going made for a tough hike; but we’ve always found so much peace and relaxation on this trail that whatever the weather is doesn’t matter.  We’ve done it when it is snowing and now when it feels above 100 degrees; we came out soaked and smiling!
The shade didn’t really cool off the air!
South side of the loop
Who can complain about that view?!?

She seems really excited right now about the Tecumseh Trail, lets see how excited she is when she has to run a marathon on it in December…
Came back through Bloomington and stopped at our forever B-Town bar Nick’s; caught up with the manager whom we have not seen in a while; and then quickly scurried up to B’s as I knew we had 3 boys waiting to go swimming with us.
If you don’t know what these are…shame on you

“Lake Days” are something that came about last summer when we got close with B and CF; we had many a beers, laughs, tears, and everything else last summer after The Crash.  It also was at the lake that we got a chance to get to know the boys and just get away from all the bullshit on our plate for a few hours.  This summer “lake days” are just as much a part of our regular schedule; only lots more laughs and no tears (unless a boy gets hit with a paddle!).  The lake was perfect with a beer in hand and we floated and joked and tried to find as much shade as we could!
I wasn’t the one who broke the raft; it was the 8 year olds…I swear

Headed home after that and some pizza; and watched some TV with the dogs…not a bad Saturday at all!

We got up this morning and watched the final stage of the Tour de France live which is something I always enjoy.  Some good young Americans representing, and a great last few sprints for the green jersey, as a whole this year the Tour did not disappoint.

Went and had coffee at our local place and enjoyed a small relief from the heat as clouds rolled in.  Finally broke down and got the medicine cabinet we’ve been talking about forever and got that hung; went over to see some friends and get their advice on a welding project I needed help with; and wrapped it up with Mexican food at our favorite little dive. 
Our weekend home renovation (and 5 years overdue)

Welcome to a weekend in our lives; variety and fun and always staying busy!  Sometimes it is what keeps us going through the week!  It should be pretty calm this week; just the normal grind of work, odds and ends, and waiting for the next step of The Lawsuit.

As the world turns…!