A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down…

September 8, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

We’ve been pretty busy again as we suddenly find ourselves in sweaters and jeans (not that I’m complaining); and with the shortened week I’m just all confused…so let me bring you up to speed on the latest digs:

The 45 day challenge fell off a bit; not because of lack of focus or motivation, but because of the damn spider bite! As embarrassed as I was to be brought to my knees because of a bug bite compared to some of my more impressive displays of machismo (stupidity and stubbornness), the bug bite was only half the battle. The day before I wound up in the ER I was able to get out for a nice 2 hour ride and the rest of me felt fine, but the meds I was on to kick the infection made the bite itself feel like the kiddie roller coaster. I’ve been on antibiotics before, I’ve been on pain meds before, I usually get the evil eye from the doctor when I ask about specific meds as he assumes I am way to well versed in pharma for my lack of medical background. 

Best picture I could get of the swelling but not include the infection site itself
Same arm, just before posting this.  A bit of a difference…

But…I’ve never been on 3000 mg of antibiotics; let alone for a week, 4 times a day total. Antibiotics and I usually get along, I don’t get the nasty side effects and my stomach always performs like it’s a rock star. I was cocky…for all of 24 hours…and then my system went into survival mode. I’m not talking about having to go to the bathroom because of the antibiotics; I’m talking about damn near curling up in the fetal position and sleeping for a week straight because my system just wanted to shut down. This was including the fact that the brain meds I’m on act a bit like “uppers”; and it was taking everything I had to get out of bed. Luckily a week came and went pretty quickly and I again was cocky…thinking I’d bounce back to my feet 24 hours after the meds were done. If you’re guessing I was wrong…you’re right; it took another week to feel back to normal and yesterday I finally felt recovered and “normal”.

Needless to say; as frustrating as it was to watch my goal slip out of reach I really didn’t have much of a choice. I took a few walks, a couple light rides, but I more or less washed out on 2 weeks of my goal. I got a good ride in on Tuesday and felt close to normal, and had a great run with Lauren yesterday because it was raining. So I’m back into my routine; but I’ve just washed out the rest of the 45 days and will do what I want to do and have some fun with it as I approach my mid-October try to return to full time training situation.

Hands are quite full right now across the board (which is good as it keeps me out of trouble); Lauren and I have a couple of cool projects going on that you’ll get to learn/see in the next few weeks, I’ve got a lot on my plate with work which is great as everything seems to be coming together at once; and everything else is pretty much status quo. Life has been relatively mundane recently and I think we’ve both felt such an immense relief from getting our depositions done that life feels a bit more normal now. 

I’ve got a longer post in mind for tomorrow; but just wanted to catch up today!