An Eerie Silence Falls Over the Crowd

August 26, 2014 By Tom

(I had written a lot more and then lost it, so I’m sticking with just the 2 first paragraphs this evening and will follow up with more later this week)

This week is the polar opposite of last, instead of running around like a crazy person bouncing from meeting to meeting and hanging on for dear life…I’ve instead had a couple of days to catch up on paperwork in my office and have only had a lunch meeting both yesterday and today.  I love (and feel fortunate) the schedule I’ve been keeping as promising things have been coming out of just about every meeting, but for my introverted self, it certainly takes a toll on my energy levels.  It’s the calm before the storm and sort of odd–though feels pretty refreshing.

In the midst of prepping for the corporate announcements that involve the Lids Foundation and the Indiana Air National Guard, I’ve been knee deep in the behind the scenes stuff that helps keep me sane.  That whole work hard & play harder mantra has kept me pretty grounded despite the craziness of work.  Saturday night, after a morning that started at 5AM for a program event, I headed over to the Colts preseason game with PiC.  We had an awesome dinner at the Skyline Club before hand, walked to the game and then night-capped it with dessert at Harry & Izzy’s afterwards—if you know me, you know that is potentially the trifecta of happiness when you combine it all for me—sports_dinner_dessert.

not bad when scalped for cheap

With all that said, things are good, I’ll re-write the second topic of this blog later this week!