And I Thought My Life was Dramatic…

February 16, 2014 By Tom

I just polished off all 13 episodes of House of Cards in a little under 24 hours from start to finish.  I sat down and flipped it on at 6 on Friday, watched a few episodes, got some dinner, watched a few more, fell asleep, watched 3 episodes in bed yesterday morning and then watched the remaining 5 after getting some BBQ for lunch.

It was a glorious day, fire going, no real responsibility for the first Saturday in a while; just an afternoon to hide from the world and watch Netflix.  It was perfect, refreshing and just what I needed to recharge my batteries that have been seriously drained over the last couple of weeks.

I totally had House of Cards dreams last night.  I think my mind was still processing all the twists and turns in the plot line and coming to terms with digesting all of the information that was presented in the second season.  I won’t give away any spoilers here…but wow.

And to think, at times I think my life is dramatic.

I can’t say today is going to be a whole lot different, hang out with the dogs, relax and watch some Olympics Curling, and possibly find a reason to sneak out this afternoon to get some fresh air.


Hope you’re on the couch today, avoiding the snow, having your own Beerlympics and otherwise enjoying a perfect Sunday.