Anniversary Week Photos

June 10, 2013 By Tom

Lauren and I had a wonderful anniversary that involved hiking, Bloomington and a great dinner downtown.  It was the perfect celebration of a special day and very similar to what we did last year.  Three years in a flash, and a beautiful day of weather and sun to celebrate.

trail run–half way down

our favorite trail

L ready to run!

Post Run:

a little weekend reflection

if you know, you know.

post run beer


not Bloomington without Upland at Nicks


Martini celebration

a lot of people don’t ever see my real wedding band—here it is

I spent this weekend out at the Special Olympics Summer Games, will be blogging on that tomorrow–but a quick preview:

My office! This weekend was perfect out at the Special Olympics Summer Games

beautiful weekend

Zee asking me why I’m up at 5 AM

And a weekend wrap up that consisted of L running in Outrun the Sun Saturday night and a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon over at the in-laws new house!

L’s parents back yard

Ellie and Teddy hanging out

Lauren and Larra at Outrun the Sun

Until tomorrow…!