January 27, 2014 By Tom

Everyday something new comes my way

And helps me get through the past

Anyway, I can’t say how long I’ve been away

But I feel at home at last

I’m aware there’s something around me

Saving me, protecting me

That won’t let me crash Everyday something new comes my way

And I feel at home at last

Stroke 9 “Anywhere”

I was sitting at dinner Saturday night unwinding from a crazy Saturday and I had this wave of peace/calm/appreciation wash over me.  It had been a crazy day, involving an early morning over at Fox59 talking about Wheels and Wings and an afternoon speaking engagement to the Central Indiana Bicycle Association at their annual meeting.  I don’t know what triggered it, I had been calmly enjoying the afternoon and evening by hanging with the pups and drinking an Upland Wheat or 3.

My head had been spinning last week with a few different major things at work (new insurance carrier, getting payroll setup, figuring out employee stuff, dealing with IRS non-profit documents and more), it’s been beyond a hectic schedule and one that has made me feel like I’ve been working nonstop in some facet since the New Year.

But Saturday marked another interview nailed, more discussion about the event we are promoting, Wheels and Wings; feeling like once again the network of relationships I’ve built over the last 2 and a half years is amounting to something tangible.  No matter what happens, something new comes my way and always reminds me that not only am I home, but that I am fortunate and love what I do.  I also nailed my speech Saturday afternoon and felt the genuine excitement for Kids Riding Bikes in the room…people love the passion I have for what we’re doing and it’s transferring to awesome connections.

this week is shaping up to be a good one, continuing to push forward in how to grow the city I love and be engaged in a variety of community causes.  Whatever happens, happens—but I’m going to make sure it happens in the best possible way.