January 13, 2014 By Tom

“at the end of the day, you can only stand on your loyalty to others”

Wise words.  It’s not a quote I totally poached, I’ve heard different versions of it over the years, but I’ve tweaked it to my liking for this post.

Loyalty has a lot of different meanings.  It’s about love, acceptance, forgiveness, effort, passion, desire, connections and cooperation.  It’s about not being cruel just because you can be, or because you feel justified.  It’s about telling both sides of the story.  It’s about fighting the good fight without fighting dirty.

Loyalty can be something tied to friendships, relationships, family, pets, work, passions and hobbies.  It can be something as complicated as a relationship in a spiral or cheering for your favorite sports team.  It can be about honoring promises, honoring words, honoring memories and honoring dreams.

Sometimes loyalty can be a foolish thing, sometimes it can be foolish to expect loyalty in return; but it’s the risk of life…or at least a risk I’m willing to take.

a guy and his dog, now that’s loyalty