Birthday Week

September 14, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

My quick doctors appointment turned into an almost 2 hour affair today (1:15 of it waiting)

So my time to write has been killed today…but I’ll do so tomorrow.

So instead; I bring you pictures that were on my iPhone from the past week of birthday celebrations.  I’m 25 years old as of yesterday….which means I’m still younger than L!

Somehow this turned into a week long event starting last Friday….which I am surprisingly okay with!


Shrimp Cocktail

great seats, just outside the pit and as I get old…sitting isn’t so bad!

yep, he is ABOVE the crowd on a rotating drum platform

swinging towards us

at one point he was directly overhead of us but the pictures didn’t come out at all

“Whats my age again?”

This shirt was great for 9/11…patriotic and festive for the post game celebration from the night before!