Blocking Out the Time to Write

June 30, 2014 By Tom

I’m so damn far behind where I want to be on writing stuff, for the blog, for the book, for my own personal stuff—it’s the nature of the current schedule I’m keeping.

I’m sitting here waiting for my afternoon meeting to arrive.  As a whole, this week is a lot calmer and our office is operating as “officially closed” for the week leading into the 4th.  It’s something that started a few years ago when I/we would go to Chicago for the holiday and I elected to carry it over to the organization when I took over the title of executive director (we also get Carb Day off–I know, I’m a cool boss).

I’ve got a few meetings scattered into my week, but as a whole things are the calmest they’ve been in a while.  I don’t have any program events for another 8 days, I don’t have any major pitches, and I feel somewhat caught up on everything.

So, with that being the case, I’ve actually blocked out my Wednesday to write.  I’m going to go to a few different creative spots in town (also known as my favorite places) and use that energy to be inspired.  I’ve got a few professional blogs I want to pen and get out to some organizations for guest blogs, and I want to get things up to speed here as well.  What better way to take advantage of an open day than make some magic happen with my writing?

With that being said, here are a few photos from the weekend.  I think I’ve had the vast majority of these already on social media, but I think they’re really cool and they’ll have to hold you over until later this week.  We finally got the trailer wrapped, and I actually got to drive it into Lucas Oil Stadium.  By far one of the cooler spots I’ve recently gotten to take the truck, and I’m pretty thrilled with how sexy it looks with proper branding on the trailer.  We’ll be adding sponsors to the trailer as we go, and very soon we’ll be getting the whole truck wrapped (and adding a bed-cap to it) for a real Nine13sports experience!

Check out the corporate blog ( for more photos of the event on Saturday.

big truck, bigger stadium


Boomer is going to be a certified pro Nine13sports rider very soon

parked on the 30 yard line

breaking in my patriotic shorts after a long day of work

So, check back Wednesday, I promise you’ll have something good!