Blog Slackers–but Pictures

August 29, 2012 By Tom

We’ve been crazy busy.  Lauren was gone part of last week for a police data homicide review in Milwaukee, Nine13sports launched three new sites last week and has been in meetings nonstop–and we began the process of the home remodel starting with the deck/backyard.

And yes–despite our plans for some major changes inside the house–our priorities are spot on with getting the deck done so we can sit out back and enjoy the fall!

So yesterday was Day One–they broke up the old concrete patio and dug holes which made for an amusing time last night letting the dogs out to go to their back yard.  We’re half amazed the noise didn’t give one of our three mutts a heart attack, but the week is still young.

Today is Day 2–and I’ve got another crew coming in to tear out the basketball court and pour a new concrete walkway to the side of the garage for a new door, as well as a concrete pad for the AC unit/trash cans.  The deck crew is coming back to get posts in the ground and start building.  I had been gone almost all day yesterday and when I came home last night it hit me on how much space we’ll have with this new deck.

To top this all off, I leave Friday for a long weekend with my dad out in Arizona to go watch the Toledo Rockets play Arizona.  So Lauren is being left with a trashed back yard that is missing most of the grass, three dogs, both of our moms who are coming into town, and the rest of the chaos that is coming from the remodel.  I swear I didn’t plan it this way…I swear!