Bloody Mary Musings on 2014

January 4, 2015 By Tom

I promise you my Sunday is better than yours

I’m sitting here at my usual Sunday ritual, a Bloody Mary at the bar and cranking out some writing. Only, instead of working on the book, I’ve hit some writers block and have jumped over here to finally get a blog done.

These past two weeks off and out of the office have been pretty amazing. I think I shocked a lot of people (myself included) about how much I was able to turn off my brain and step away from work for these last weeks. It was the mental break I needed after this year and I’m excited to get back to work tomorrow and finalize some of the big news we have coming in the next few weeks. It’s also given me a chance to step back and reflect on the last year.

It’s impossible to recap 2014 as I look forward to 2015. I’ve tried, in fact, I’ve sat down to write this post no less than 8 times over the last week.

2014 will always be a year of learning for me and a year of young success. I’ve cataloged the ups and downs along the way in this blog and I won’t recap it today—I’m beyond thankful, humbled and grateful for what 2014 was brought to me.

I’m wealthy in knowledge, friendships, love, family and achievement of personal goals. I’ve grown in ways and in directions that I had simply no idea or ability to anticipate 12 months ago.

the fact that this got picked up on New Years Eve really summarizes the 2014 year

I worked myself to the bone in 2014. I sacrificed a lot of myself with long hours and a tough schedule. It wasn’t always easy, there was a lot of times I had to be pretty selfish and focus on my work and my efforts; even if it wasn’t always fair to those I surround myself with.

I’m pretty proud of the last 12 months. I fought the good battles, I stuck up for myself, I chose to surround myself with positive people, I made an impact and grew as a person.

I don’t expect 2015 to be “easier” than 2014, but I expect it to be full of new challenges, successes and the occasional failure along the way. Finishing this book, growing my public speaking, expanding into new markets, finding new things to amuse myself with and new challenges, it is going to be a pretty awesome year and I look forward to the expected and the unexpected along the way.

With that being said, somewhere in the back of my mind, 2015 means it’s the year I turn 29 years old. That’s a tough one for me, turning 29 is going to bring a lot of self-imposed feelings given Jim was 29 when he was killed. I think that 29 will be tough and 30 will be really tough—-but if there’s one thing I know from Jim’s death, it’s that life can change in an instant and I have to make every single day count. I’ve got a lot of thoughts on this topic, I wrote a few different pieces about it that I never published…but I know that his tattoo on my arm will help see me through the tough moments along the way.

2015…bring it.