Bloomington, Costumes and Couch Time

October 28, 2013 By Tom

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house and office and have some fun.

There is truly no better “happy place” like going down to Bloomington for an afternoon or evening.  Seriously–look at this and then try to tell me anything else; and if you mention Fort Lauderdale as my other favorite happy place–you’re both right AND wrong–it’s not been the same since The Blue Fish closed.

there is no better campus than IU

One of those days where we took the long way down to Bloomington, drove through Morgan-Monroe State Park to enjoy the changing leaves and back roads.  Lunch at Nick’s, a few hours of working out of SOMA Coffee and an early evening stroll around campus, only to close out the day with ice cream from The Chocolate Moose.  Truly, just an awesome day and what I needed to clear my head and get out of the work funk I’ve been feeling.

I had a hard time coming up with what I wanted to be for Halloween, I was under pressure to get something together for a party Saturday night and I pulled together a costume in pretty clutch fashion at the last second.  I went as Lance, obviously.

yes, I did have a badge that said, “please return Olympic medal to the International Olympic Committee”

my date for the evening went as a burglar with some awesome gloves (I tried to make the argument that Lance was a thief as well) as I rocked out the yellow bracelet

And Sunday?  Sunday I got reacquainted with my couch, it’s been my lost love in life recently and I’ve suffered some separation anxiety.  So I camped out with football on and a sort of sick Zilla for a day of absolutely nothing.  It was heavenly, it was boring, I may or may not have had candles lit to set the mood for my bachelor-self.  I may or may not have broken a glass in a “I DO WHAT I WANT” mindset.  I may or may not have eaten nothing but soup, peanut butter & jelly, and mac & cheese.  And I may or may not have made the dogs their own peanut butter sandwich to accompany me as I ate mine.

he perked up after the peanut butter sandwich

Don’t look at me like you’ve never made your dog a sandwich.  You’re either lying, your dog isn’t spoiled, or you aren’t taking full advantage of your bachelor pad.