Booms and Beer

July 6, 2014 By Tom

I got sidetracked before I ever started my day of writing with some major work stuff that took up a good chunk of my Wednesday (check the corporate blog here) and my goal for a day of writing last week got slightly derailed.  I cranked out one complete professional blog, got a good chunk of another one done and had gotten a rough draft of a blog post done.

And then I deleted it.  I decided that hashing out the on-going affair Lauren had, the numerous chances I gave before asking her to leave, and all the other gritty details that went with it all wasn’t worth it.  It’s done, over, the divorce is done.  She got what she wanted–and life moves on.  Chapter closed.

the neighborhood fireworks and an awesome group


Zee and his stick

beer pong on the deck and the Big Green Egg cooking, what more can you ask for in life?

The past week off of work was just what I needed to recharge and find a bit of center, about as close to going on vacation as possible without traveling.  Ready to jump back in and keep making awesome stuff happen here in Indy.  July is going to be a very good month.