Bundled Up, Mentoring at Butler and Lounging

January 4, 2014 By Tom

It’s been a pretty solid few days back to work as I had a full plate Thursday and Friday. Had a great set of meetings yesterday, continued to get stuff situated with the Nine13 spin-off and otherwise running around like a mad man making magic happen.

One thing I am super excited about that came from this week is that I’ll be a mentor for Butler University this Spring semester in one of their business classes.  I’m excited to share some of my successes and failures with the students and help them pilot their class business experience throughout the semester.  I’m also excited that I’ll be able to head straight from class to crossfit and that will help me maintain that routine as well.

Right now I’m sitting in front of my fireplace with ESPN on, the dogs have treed a squirrel outside and the squirrel is throwing things at them, I just finished my second cup of coffee and I’m pretty cozy.  I need to get an invoice out, plow through IRS paperwork for work and get my Jeep washed from camping back in November before the major snowstorm hits tomorrow.  I figure there is absolutely no way the Audi is getting through 10-12 inches of anything, so the trusty Wrangler will be the vehicle of choice if I have to leave the house over the next few days.  Though, quite honestly, I have a house full of food and beer and am pretty content being holed up over the next 48 hours in front of the fireplace.

The only reason I’m leaving the house at all this weekend is to go to the Colts game this afternoon and a social thing immediately following.  Other than that, you can find me at home working a snow blower and cooking good food during the snowpocalypse.

I was supposed to have Wine Night at the house on Thursday with 16 people, but the weather was bad enough that I elected to reschedule so people weren’t driving in the snow.  A bit bummed as I was stoked to have everyone over with Christmas decorations still up, but I tend to be a bit overly cautious when it comes to driving after the accident, so better safe than sorry in my mind.

Stay safe out there over the next few days, I’m sure I’ll have some time to write (and have a few topics I want to write about), over the next couple of days.  And of course, Go Colts!