California Dreamin’ in Photos

January 2, 2014 By Tom

I got spoiled in Santa Monica with great weather, great friends and a great time.  Waking up this morning to 5+ inches of snow on the ground here back in Indianapolis, I figured I’d reminisce about the sun and beautiful weather from last week with photos.

Skeeball at the Santa Monica Pier Arcade

great company for the week

how can you not smile at this?

for as many times as I’ve been to California, this was my first Jamba Juice…ever

beautiful view from The Getty

taken while on a 9 mile morning run along the beach

turn around point for the morning run (and now my Twitter background image)


representing the Hoosier contingent at the place JBD built, with some Free Will on my sleeve

this happened. It’s been a while since I had Widmer Brothers wheat (like since I was out in Portland in 2012)

how could I not order the California beer sampler at Barneys Beanery?

I fell in love with this beer (and the sign) and would kill to get one for the bar

I wanted to see palm trees wrapped in Christmas Lights. I got my wish. Sadly, you can’t really make out the 2 story tall inflatable reindeer that was also part of this picture…

I’m guessing that this pig would prefer to be on the leash versus in a blanket

There’s about 200 other photos that I haven’t seen yet that are on other devices, but this is a good summary of the California trip and the beautiful weather we had.