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Safety Streets Q&A Published

October 22, 2013 By Tom

A few changes from the Q&A sneak preview I posted last week.  I’m super happy with the piece and the chance I was given to share my story. Check it out :

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

April 19, 2013 By Tom

Lauren and I were both absolutely crushed as the news came out of Boston this week. In the midst of the tragedy though, a news story came out: This couple got married after running the marathon only hours after the bombs went off.  This article hit close to home for us at the Hanley […]

Blog Slackers–but Pictures

August 29, 2012 By Tom

We’ve been crazy busy.  Lauren was gone part of last week for a police data homicide review in Milwaukee, Nine13sports launched three new sites last week and has been in meetings nonstop–and we began the process of the home remodel starting with the deck/backyard. And yes–despite our plans for some major changes inside the house–our […]

Our Commitment to the Community and Innovation by Thinking Differently

July 31, 2012 By Tom

We’ll be writing a follow-up blog to this from our personal perspective this week but today we’re going to use what was posted on the Nine13sports corporate blog this morning: Please read the official press release here: Hanley Family Donation Pledge 7.31.2012 “Community” is a term that gets tossed around continuously in society, much […]

Where Are We Going?

July 9, 2012 By Tom

Hope you all had a great 4th of July week.  We were on a bit of Blog hiatus because we spent the week up in Chicago with a mini-vacation of sorts and spending some great time with our family.  We’ll get a post together for all of that this week because Lauren has the writing […]