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California Dreamin’ in Photos

January 2, 2014 By Tom

I got spoiled in Santa Monica with great weather, great friends and a great time.  Waking up this morning to 5+ inches of snow on the ground here back in Indianapolis, I figured I’d reminisce about the sun and beautiful weather from last week with photos. There’s about 200 other photos that I haven’t seen […]

Musings from Seat 10D

December 30, 2013 By Tom

This is my first non Think Kit post in a month.  I’m catching up on those and will have them posted tomorrow.  I’ve over analyzed and reanalyzed so many life decisions in the last year that I can offer a quick “what-if-than-that” scenario for just about every single moment of life since January.  When you […]

Finding the Sunrise and Doing the Unexpected

November 5, 2013 By Tom

I was telling a friend the other day how one of my usual goals when I travel someplace beautiful is to catch the sunrise one morning when I’m there. Everyone always raves about the sunset, but the sunrise always seems to be forgotten about.  Now, this doesn’t mean I make it a quest to stay […]

London, Life, Love and Work

February 11, 2013 By Tom

me-“hey–we finished the majority of the remodel–so lets add another level of craziness to our recently calmed down schedule and hop across the Atlantic for the weekend” L-“never have to convince me to travel!” This is more or less how the discussion and subsequent logistics went down in our booking a trip to head to […]

November Blitz

November 6, 2012 By Tom

we did the logical thing and in the midst of a crazy busy schedule with my non-profit and Lauren’s work–decided to take off for a few days to the Pacific Northwest and enjoy a much needed adventure.  So we spent a few days in Seattle, are currently staying in Portland and wrap up in Eugene […]

Week Two of the Remodel(s)

September 4, 2012 By Tom

Keeping true to the “it’s never a dull moment on our house”, we’re in week two of the home remodel projects and I’m still missing pictures of the new concrete walkway on the side of the house.  Oh–and in the midst of the hurricane rains I took off to head to Arizona with my dad […]