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Running Reflections: Looking Back and Looking Forward

October 12, 2015 By Tom

I went for a run today, something I haven’t done in a while as I’ve been wrestling with some back issues from my fractures. It was a slow and ugly 5 miles with Blink182, Reel Big Fish, and Allister pumping through my earphones. To get myself excited to run, I did something I rarely do, […]

What I’ve (re)Learned in 21 Days of Exercise

August 23, 2015 By Tom

I was out of shape, I never denied that. Getting out of shape took time, it didn’t happen over a single weekend. However, I was frustrated with breaking my tibia just as I was finding some sort of consistent routine when it came to getting myself back to a version of my former self when […]

Yeah, That’s Happening

March 25, 2015 By Tom

I’ve been talking about our expansion for a while now, but today it seems somewhat surreal that we announced our new positions available as part of our Central Indiana expansion into two teams. We still have a few things to tie up in terms of specifics, most importantly, finalizing terms and getting a check from […]

Handshake Meets Pokerface

January 31, 2015 By Tom

I had somebody shocked recently to learn that Nine13sports is a 2.5 person organization. That person was writing us a significant check. When they learned we were in fact, staffed with less than the normal three piece band, let alone the Beatles, they were shocked. “How do you do all you do with so few […]

Cascading Successes

March 2, 2014 By Tom

I spent two years in litigation after the accident dealing with the very real impact of “cascading failures” (i.e.; a guy who owns a venue who molests children hires a guy with a history of drug use, who doesn’t have the proper license, who drives a bus that was modified in an unsafe manner, which […]

Snowball Fight and Good Press

February 6, 2014 By Tom

We had a snowball fight yesterday after work, and it was totally awesome. Oh yeah, I had a really nice quote in an IPS press release yesterday about work stuff and got asked to be one of their Twitter moderators for a Twitter Chat with the Superintendent on Tuesday Night with a program they’re calling […]

Weekend Rush and Fox59

January 24, 2014 By Tom

Yeah, I’m off track on the 9 Project, but it is because today and yesterday were crazy. So, here’s my weekend request to you, tune into Fox59 tomorrow morning at 8:20 to see me talk about Wheels and Wings with the Director of Flight1, Marcus Strawhorn. Additionally, make sure you get your tickets as we’re […]