Chicago Wrap and a New Project

January 20, 2014 By Tom

I went to Chicago healthy, hungry and well rested.

I left Chicago with an injured ankle, exhausted, and beyond well fed.

…it was a great weekend.

I have not torn up Chicago in dramatic fashion in a few years, schedules and willingness to go out hadn’t really been there the last few times I spent any time in the city.  It was a go big/go home weekend that included a Blackhawks game, back to back 2AM nights at the Cubby Bear listening to music, dinner with Uncle T at 312 in the Theater District and a wrap-up brunch at the Firehouse yesterday morning.

Possibly one of my favorite memories ever in Chicago came from this weekend- walking up Rush towards Pippens Bar as the snow fell, the city sound hushed by the muffle of the snow cover and the true beauty that is the city with the snowflakes coming down.  It’s one of those memories that will forever be burned into my mind and make me smile when I think of my love of Chicago.

great Hawks game–first time to United Center

Uncle Terry and I, tearing up the city as usual

need I say more?

rock and roll

Starting tomorrow, I’m tackling a new writing project and utilizing the blog as the platform to do it.  It’s going to be a crazy 40ish days between now and the end of February with a lot of work stuff, legal stuff and life stuff coming up.  I figured I should find something to keep me writing and focused on creative tendencies.  So here’s the deal, I’m going to be shooting for blog posts 5 days a week (weekends off) and digging through a variety of topics.

The “hook” for this effort, is that all of the posts will be themed off of lyrics from Stroke 9.

Why Stroke 9, you ask?  Why a band that had a few radio airplay hits in the late 90’s and early 2000’s?  Why a band that most people have no clue who or what they sing?

Because, this idea was born while standing at the Stroke 9 concert Friday night in Chicago.  One of those few bands that I’ve not seen before from my back in the day music rotation, a band whose CD was on during some major moments throughout life and a band that puts on a great live show and had me energized.

I’m calling it the “9 Project”, and the style will be similar to the Think Kit series with a focus at the top and my writing below.  Only, instead of Think Kit prompts, it’ll be a couple lines of lyrics from the band.

There’s a chance I’ll use other lyrics as well, but between now and March 1 I’m looking forward to tackling this project and continuing to find my creative flow.

Stay tuned,