Date Nights

August 3, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
So can you tell Tom and I like to workout?! I know a lot of this blog is about our exercise endeavors and for people who aren’t as big of fitness freaks as we are probably think we are a little crazy. You’re probably right, we are a little crazy but we are also normal people at times. You know the ones; that don’t wear workout clothes all the time.  Tom would probably tell you differently since I truly do wear running shorts and my Lululemon groove pants whenever possible BUT I dress up for work five days a week so I think it evens out…eventually J

Tom and I are lucky in the fact that we can workout together and spend this time talking about our days and decompressing from stressful, annoying, whatever you want to call them times but we also make sure that we get a chance to have our weekly date night. This is a tradition we started early on in our relationship, at first I think more as an excuse to be able to eat out guilt free but these are evenings that we’ve grown to cherish over the past year. We usually always go to dinner, maybe see a movie or grab a drink at another bar after dinner, some nights it involves errands in between but no matter what we are doing we are spending time to focus on us.

We live such busy lives and have so many third parties currently involved in our lives that we find it extremely important to remember that we are newlyweds and we need to enjoy this time as much as possible because it will never return.  These nights are by no means anything fancy, I mean I do change out of running shorts so that’s fancy to me but we do what suits our mood for the evening.  We both look forward to date night each week as it’s a time to celebrate us and always remembering how lucky we are to have each other. With all that being said, here are a few pictures from past weeks date nights!!

Cheers to us!!

Our new favorite store 🙂

I actually wear dresses…at times!

Enjoy the last two days of your week!!