Bailey has been with Tom since September of 2005.  Adopted from the Indianapolis Humane Society when she was six months old Bailey appears to know that Tom rescued her.  A dog that is never happy unless Tom is in sight and is stubborn in every possible way, she is a sweet dog that has the ability to make us laugh and protect our home all at the same time.  Part Newfoundland/Retriever she has a double water coat but hates to get wet.  More cat-like than dog-like Bailey wants her five minutes of love and then vanishes to her corners in the house for the evening.  At 70 pounds she is still fast when she runs and has a habit of trying to break out the front door as our local escape artist.


Zilla was named after Godzilla and is often refer to him just as “Zee”.  His name is fitting as he is an absolute terror of amusement and laughter at all times.  He showed up on the doorstep in February of 2010 in the middle of a snow/rain storm having been on the run for a while.  He was well trained and just wanted to love everyone around him, so it was assumed he had an owner but after weeks of trying to find someone to claim him he found his new home.  At one point Tom had actually found somebody to adopt him but at the last second decided he was already part of the family.  He’s provided many hours of laughter and at 110 pounds of White Shepperd/Great Pyrenees mix is always shedding.  He sleeps in bed every night on his back with his four paws up in the air and tongue hanging out.  “The life of Zee” is a rough one, but he wound up on the doorstep for a reason and has helped everyone get through the last few years.