Don’t Just Survive, Kick Some Ass.

May 11, 2014 By Tom

I’m currently reveling in a feeling of bliss.


I’m sitting outside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon having a beer and some pizza as I catch up on emails and plan my week.  I’m feeling pretty joyful right now as I just picked up a few copies of the Indianapolis Business Journal which features a great feature article on Nine13sports and read it in amazement that the business model I’ve built is creating a buzz and (hopefully) shaking up the industry.

photo 1

still can’t believe we’re in the IBJ

My golden rule of “if I haven’t gotten yelled at in the last 10 days, I’m doing something wrong in my job” has become more complicated and I can only hope that I’ve at least gotten a few folks to swear under their breath with all this recent press.  Work has been rocking and rolling and even though we finished up program sites from now till mid June; my work doesn’t slow down…it just changes shapes and lets me get caught back up in the office and get some of these deals finalized.

For as much as I really do love working non-stop and chasing my dreams and passions; I woke up this morning with nothing to do.  I looked and Zee and Bailey who both slept in bed and asked them out loud, “what do I do with nothing on my calendar?”

….they didn’t reply.

I lounged around this morning drinking coffee and playing with the pups.  I continued to work on my Netflix binge of Lie to Me.  I went for a beautiful and much needed run to clear the cobwebs out of my legs.  I was able to take a long shower without needing to rush to the next appointment.  I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen and bedroom.

I casually left the house at 12:30 so I could get some stuff from the company truck and trailer and get that situated.  I decided to head into Broad Ripple and find some outdoor seating, lunch and a beer and decompress a little bit while doing some writing.

photo 2

happy Sunday to me

I’m looking forward to catching up this week on some more in-depth blog posts.  I know that the last few weeks they’ve all been updates about work and my general crazy schedule; but that’s been about all I’ve had time for.

The last 5 weeks have been such a high point for me, very visibly growing my passion and the success of my organization.  Washing my hands of the past and the many things that were roadblocks and impediments.  Knowing that I’ve got a great team, a support network and limitless potential is incredibly humbling across the board.

And to that girl who sat there and told me on my birthday last year that the next 12 months would be 12 months of success and almost endless possibilities—thanks for reminding me to always wake up with the goal of not only surviving the day, but truly winning each day, every single day.

Now, there’s beer to be drank and dogs that need their belly scratched….

Until next time, find your own way to keep practicing your passion.




PS-who had who’s hands in between the other’s knees in the song Jack and Diane?  Don’t cheat and go listen to it…