Exciting (Work) Announcement–a Major Sponsor

May 22, 2014 By Tom

While we haven’t made the official announcement on the corporate side yet–I’m able to publicly say a new sponsor/partner has come on board for Nine13sports.  It’s a pleasure to say that as alluded too in the IBJ piece two weeks ago, we are announcing a major healthcare provider, St. Francis Hospital, has partnered with us in a large scale.

It was a deal that has come together in a little less than a month and is one of the larger deals we’ve closed.  It will include bringing our Bike Sims to the Big Red Bash, providing some internal hospital event programs and additionally, sponsoring Kids Riding Bikes programs at two schools in a brand new school district (for us) about 25 minutes SW of Indianapolis.

A huge thumbs up to the hospital who moved within hours of our initial meeting to begin the process of signing us.  Compared to some of the other healthcare partners we’ve worked with (I’ve got a deal that has been in process for 15 months with another healthcare industry company), this was the quickest I’ve ever seen the process move and set the bar high compared to my usual 3-6 month timeline expectation.

This program partnership represents the immense growth I’ve created at work over the past year.  And, since this is a little bit different platform than the corporate writing world–I can also say that we’re preparing to announce three more sponsors coming online in the next 45 days that will represent an insurance provider, public services sector, and another healthcare provider here in Central Indiana.  All of that will allow me to hire a full-time employee and prepare for our next major growth milestone-a second set of equipment and team here in Indianapolis.

It’s been a productive two weeks in the office and as things continue to rock and roll, we’ve got some other great things in the pipe that will be coming online throughout the summer.

I’ve been pretty under the weather all week and today is the lowest point yet, so this news was definitely the highlight of my day.  I can’t shake a sore throat and stomach bug that has been haunting me and as such, I’m actually quite unpleasant to be around right now.  Tomorrow, I’ve got a conference call and cancelled the rest of my meetings and am trying to nurse myself to health enough to be able to have fun at a wedding down in French Lick on Saturday.

I wave the white flag on this

But, I did try to celebrate the positive corporate news with a beer, I just didn’t make it very far into the glass.