Fall and Football

August 31, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

I love college football season; along with the fall being my favorite time of year as it traditionally signals a break from racing, traveling, and a break from summer heat, fall brings my favorite sports season back to the forefront of my Saturdays and Sundays.

My dad raised me right and made sure I went to lots of football games when I was young, and I’m sure I didn’t appreciate them nearly as much then as I do now. Lots of memories of going to University of Toledo football games with him, my uncles, and my grandpa, and I was taught early on to love the MAC conference just as much as the Big 10. University of Michigan has always been “my team” in the Big 10, and Indiana joined that list when I first went to a game there in 2005 and eventually became an IU student. 

While college ball is my true love, the NFL has grown on me in recent years. Between my beloved Detroit Lions starting to play decent ball and cheering for the Colts my Sundays have become almost as exciting as my Saturdays. Lauren was laughing at me this past Saturday as I watched the entire Lions/Patriots pre-season game as I kept repeating “this is great! I never get the Lions on TV here in Indy!”

GO LIONS!  This is the year!

But, the focus for these next two weeks goes back to college ball; the season gets underway this Saturday and it’s a signal that my favorite time of the year is finally here. Who knows what this season will bring; but with new coaches at Michigan and Indiana (and Ohio State) and Nebraska joining the conference; it’ll be a season that I hope will surprise and impress me with performances from my teams.

Yes, that is Bill Lynch who signed it; I’m sure it’s gone up in value since he was fired…
I wish I could tell you there was a story behind this; but the only story needed is “Ann Arbor”

Luckily Lauren enjoys it (almost) as much as I do and doesn’t mind sitting in front of the TV watching games, and only laughs at me a little when I have one game on the big TV and another game playing on the iPad from the Slingbox on the coffee table. The dogs are used to my shouting at the TV for hours on end and for the most part hang out with me and look at me like I’m crazy.

For the past several years we have kicked off the season by going to the opening IU game (and the majority of the rest of their home games as well); and this year is no different, we’ll be down at Lucas Oil cheering on the Hoosiers as they face off against Ball State on Saturday. This is also our first time going to Lucas Oil, and we’re taking both our dads as a Father’s Day Gift; so it’ll be a great weekend all around.

You’ll hear it many more times this fall, but go Hoosiers and go Blue!