Fall is Here

September 22, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Since tomorrow is the first day of fall I thought I would embrace the cooler weather, changing leaves and abundant amount of football games still to come with some pretty pictures. Because honestly, who doesn’t love all that fall brings…in our house it’s everyone…dogs included.

All pics via Pinterest

I will definitely be acting like a kid and doing this in a few weeks 🙂

Fall runs are the best. Trails here I come….

This is framed and in our house. I’ll probably make Tom do each of these 🙂

I would love to take credit but we all know I’m not that artsy. Click here to get a copy.

Pretty sure I should buy this for our house. Football rules in the fall.

Of course, GO HOOSIERS!!!!

Welcome fall…I think it’s about time to break out my boots!