Fancy Pants Dance (pants not required)

November 19, 2013 By Tom

That’s right, victory.



Fancy Pants.

Doing the Pants Dance….with or without pants.

I’m totally stoked that the team I was on this past weekend for Startup Weekend Indianapolis got the votes and got the victory.  We put together a business concept called Fancy Pants, essentially an app or website designed to help you be able to buy your favorite pair of jeans without ever having to step foot inside a dressing room.  Or as I put it, because everything can be related to with beer, “making it so I can order my favorite jeans when I walk into a store just as easily as I can order my favorite beer when I walk into a bar.”

In the space of 54 hours we developed, planned and created a pretty cool and complete pitch.  A landing website was created, an app demo was laid out and coded, things fell into place and there was a lot of  food and drink consumed.

Congrats to all my teammates, we had a very diverse and unique set of skills and experiences, from design and programming to business development and marketing.  Everyone contributed with their specific set of skills and everyone also got to get outside their comfort zone and practice things not found in the traditional 9-5.

Want to check out what we built? website:

Startup Weekend Blog announcing winners:

I don’t always wear pants, but when I do, they’re certainly Fancy Pants.