Finding the Habit – Write or Die

December 10, 2013 By Tom

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox, today’s prompt: “What habits did you start this year that you want to continue? What inspired you to get in a new groove? Will you continue into 2014?”

“Write or Die” might be a bit dramatic, but it caught your attention…

Pretty fitting for this I got in the habit of writing (again).  Back in May I began the very long and early process of collecting my thoughts and beginning to write a book based on my experiences over the last 3+ years.  The book, tentatively titled, “So Much Life in Such Little Time” (“SMLISLT”) will talk about life, love, loss, celebrations, litigation, funerals and the underlying amusement you have to find in all of it to survive.

Additionally, getting back into the writing habit let me get my blog back on track after a good bit of neglect over the first half of 2013.  That in itself was worthwhile as it created a great outlet for me to organize my day to day thoughts and share my experiences.

To further hone my writing style and “get out” a bit more, I had committed myself to writing 5 blogs per week in the month of November and only taking off Saturday and Sunday.  this allowed me to work on my time management and make sure I got the blog done, typically in the morning, and also find a better and often more direct writing style.  I found I wasn’t always getting my point across originally, or it was getting buried in the words, so I’ve really focused on style and making sure what I want to say is crystal clear.

I had not heard of Think Kit till just a few days before December rolled around.  I wasn’t surrounded by people who did Think Kit last year and really wasn’t engaged with the Indy _____ (insert: startup, Speak Easy, tech, networking, young professionals, and more) scene in 2012 to learn about it last year.  So, for 2013, I decided to continue my writing by joining the Think Kit concept.  I’m proud to say that so far, I’ve made every post on the day it came out, and typically early in the day to boot.  It’s become part of my routine and has challenged me to tackle the prompts in ways I wouldn’t if I was selecting my own topic.

So, thanks, Think Kit, and the whole community for holding me accountable to grow as a writer and find new methods that work for me.  I truly believe that as I continue to write SMLISLT, the style and lessons I’ve picked up from this and my blogging in general will translate beautifully into the story and will help make me a more complete writer.

always writing, even while sitting at the airport.

What habits did you start this year that you want to continue? What inspired you to get in a new groove? Will you continue into 2014?