Fireplace Napping

November 21, 2013 By Tom

not a bad thing to sleep by

This has been a never ending week.  I’m sure a big part of it was not having any down time this past weekend and going nonstop this whole week.  I feel like I’ve been perpetually 5 minutes late for everything on my calendar and it feels like it should be Friday by now.  Needless to say, I’m ready for Chicago next week and being able to unwind for a few days in one of my favorite cities in the world.

I was so tired last night, the dogs and I never made it to bed, instead we stayed quite cozy and camped out on the couch by the fireplace.

I’m pretty thrilled at the thought of a low key weekend, a concert on the agenda Saturday night with some friends and otherwise, nothing in terms of responsibility or commitments.  It’s a pretty low key rest of the week as well, just a few phone calls and follow ups I need to make. I’m definitely feeling the strain of the craziness both personally and professionally this week and ready to recharge my batteries.

Reminding myself to take a minute and look around every single day.  I’m going to look back at all this craziness 6 months from now and laugh.  I think.

taking a pause to look around back in September