Fireside Thoughts

December 23, 2013 By Tom

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox, today’s prompt: “Look at your surroundings as if you’re seeing them for the first time – take a walk in your ‘hood, explore your house, or visit a favorite spot. What do you notice?”

I’m sitting on my couch to write this.  Originally the theme was going to tie to my backyard as I’ve been out there throughout the day cooking a brisket on the Big Green Egg, but the tone changed when I looked right in front of me.

This prompt ran through my mind as I was staring at my fireplace, the centerpiece of my living room, the primary way I heat my house from October through March.  It’s the always on ambiance you’ll notice when you come into my home, and of course, the stockpile of my firewood in the backyard that dwindles as we inch closer to spring.

Looking at it in this moment, right as the fire hits its peak roar, I realize that it’s so much more than just another item in my home.

post changing view

Lots of memories have been created sitting by the fireplace since I installed it in January 2012.  I’ve had heartfelt conversations, I’ve cuddled with the dogs, I’ve hosted and entertained and built friendships around the fireplace.  I’ve watched IU basketball, Michigan football, the Colts and Lions and so much more while enjoying its warm embrace.  Looking at the fireplace, I realize how much comfort I find in the routine of bringing wood in, loading it and watching the fire come to life.  No matter how complex life is, the fire is a consistent source of enjoyment and reward when it comes to the work needed to keep a fire going 24/7.

This is the first year I’ll get to enjoy my fireplace on Christmas Day, something I am genuinely excited for.  It’s a year of new memories and new celebration and part of those memories will be built around the ever-roaring fire.

Enjoy the warmth, wherever you are.