First Day of Class

January 15, 2014 By Tom

I had a blast at Butler yesterday for the first day of being a mentor.  First, I feel really old because the sophomores all look really young (I swear we never looked that young…), I was laughing that I understand all the logistics and lingo coming from the professor and I had some awesome flashbacks to the first days of many of my classes.  I’m excited to work with the group I get assigned and be able to talk more about the successes and failures, methods that work and don’t work and other life lessons gained from my experience over the last few years as I help them work through the really cool class.  Plus, as much as it pains me to say, I really dug being back in class and the vibe from that.  It’s never to late to go back, right?…!

A ton of meetings this week catching up from last week and the cancellations due to the weather.  I’m Chicago bound this weekend to spend some time in my favorite big city.  It’s a whirlwind between now and then with my schedule; really cool stuff is going on behind the scenes that I’m bouncing off the wall to talk about as soon as it’s public!

Keep on reading, keep the wheels turning, and keep pushing the boundaries of life.