Foolish Determination

July 26, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
As Tom and I were driving down to our favorites trails for our lovely hike on Saturday we somehow got talking about our trip out to Colorado Springs during the summer of 2007. Oh, I think we got on the topic because it was really hot on that trip and it was really hot on Saturday and I mean really, really hot! How do people live in Texas?!

We made the trip out to Colorado Springs so Tom could race his track bike then we decided (actually I talked him into) staying for a few extra days. I of course had an entire list of sites and activities that I had to complete before our flight out and I was by no means letting Tom relax after his races. One of my do or die activities was to climb The Incline, it’s only 1 mile but gains 2000 feet of vertical by way of 2800 railroad ties then it’s a 4 mile hike back down Barr Trail. I decided we should do this on a 95 degree day, it was our fourth day at altitude and Tom had just raced the previous evening. He really does love me. This is probably the hardest thing we’ve each ever done. It was totally worth it but wow. I still resent the dog that flew by us and we were no joke crawling up this thing.
The view from the bottom.

View from the top. Can’t even see where we started.

Here is the description from one of that websites:

Even if you go slow, this trail is difficult. If you’re new to the altitude, maybe swallow your pride and skip this one. That’s not a challenge, it’s a word of warning. This is basically stair-master on a mountain.

Technically, the Incline is closed to the public and a “private property” sign is clearly displayed, also warning of the hazardous condition–loose gravel, drainage pipes, 2000 feet of vertical gain. There seems to be an unspoken exception though, as this trail is always populated.
We made it!!!

Well, guess I didn’t see this back in 2007. Anyway, so we were having a good laugh about my “foolish determination” back in the day. Maybe, it’s come with age, or three stress fractures I’ve run into my legs over the years or my new outlook on life from The Crash but I think I’ve grown out of my “foolish determination” stage and moved on to just being determined. And don’t worry I’m definitely still determined but as I’ve said before I’m now aware I’m not expected to save the world on a daily basis…just a few times a week J

With all of that being said, I don’t have much to report on the training front for the past week. I didn’t find the pleasure of doing much of anything in the heat. Tom and I did a few walks around the neighborhood, we hiked and swam, and I practiced some yoga at home. I did run 5 miles on the trail last Wednesday with two friends and I will say the trails were better but yea, still really hot. I was sweating so bad that my shoes were wet like I had run through water. 

Today starts my first day of training for the Sept. 3 half and I’m ready! I’ve ordered new nice socks (now that’s a story for another day), a big box of Gu, my training plan is printed off and it’s only 87 degrees today!!  Let the games begin!!