Grassroots Fundraising Efforts and Touching Moments

August 8, 2012 By Tom

We’ve been touched personally and professionally by the outpouring of notes and comments related to our efforts with Stop On Red week and the video that went with it, our philanthropist pursuits, the “congrats” of finally getting some control of our lives back without having the litigation hanging over our heads and the reality that for the first time in two years it feels like we can actually be newlyweds and take a moment to enjoy everything.

One of our favorite new shows is “The Newsroom” on HBO.  This last episode had a quote that hit home, Sam Watterson says, “once in a while take 3 seconds, you can’t spare more than that, take 3 seconds to notice where you are and what you’re doing.”

It’s been a somewhat surreal few weeks and a story of wearing two faces.  Lauren and I knew litigation was coming to an end but wanted to wait till the paperwork was signed before saying that to many, the press release related to our $25,000 was prepared a week before it was actually released after Nine13sports got approval of our board, we had seen a rough cut version of the NCSR Stop On Red video a week before it was released, I was having meetings with potential donors who I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs what was shaping up but couldn’t; basically we just waited…and waited…just like we have for much of the past two years.

Taking a quick look around since the piece from the Indy Star hit the AP Wire on Monday and it’s been run locally and in other parts of the country.  It seems to still be gaining momentum through no effort of our own which makes us realize we truly did the right thing. (press release from last week about our $25,000 pledge)

What surprised us the most?  The outpouring of inquires on how people could donate personally to Nine13sports to support our efforts.  It was something that we in the weeks of “thinking big” hadn’t fully pondered.  After a great dinner last night with Lauren at our favorite sushi place I found myself back at my desk finishing the new DONATE PAGE for Nine13sports.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that our grassroots pledge of $25,000 pending nine Foundations doing the same to raise a total of $250,000 would spur people just like us who want to give $5 or $20 to an organization that thinks outside the box to help combat childhood obesity.  But it’s a touching reminder of how society really does do the right thing.  Within an hour last night of our launching the donation page there was already a donation made that truly touched our hearts–and made me realize the fortune we do have to use our lives for good with the support of many other good people.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit all donations are tax deductible and will directly impact our ability to grow and provide world class programming for kids here in Central Indiana.

You can read more about the grassroots fundraising effort on Nine13sports Corporate Blog (also written by me today):

Grassroots success spurs even better results with Foundations as they see support within the community–let’s give them what they want and make this grassroots effort rock like Indiana University Assembly Hall!