Getting Lost in the Noise

February 17, 2017 By Tom

photo from IBJ Forty Under 40. February 13, 2017

Thoughts I’ve had during the last few weeks….

“Sink or swim,” is really just a crafty way to say, die or live.

“Survival is my best revenge,” is just a snarky way to say, you underestimated me, joke is on you.

“Fake it till you make it,” is the justification of entrepreneurs that translates to, not really sure where rent is going to come from next month.

“There is no such thing as too much positive press,” is really just my communications director telling me, quit complaining about being in the spotlight and feeling so overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed. That’s the best and only way to describe the last few weeks. And I’m humbled.

I won’t rehash it after the social media stuff this week, but landing on the IBJ Forty Under 40 list is the biggest recognition of my professional career, especially after just turning 30.

I’m moved by the outpouring of support, kind words, congratulations, and meaningful conversations that have occurred over these last weeks. Since Saturday, my phone hasn’t had a fighting chance to make it through the day on a single charge. You are all simply wonderful.

It’s weird to be sitting down and writing again. Looking back, I realize the tone of my public writing is almost bi-polar in nature, from dark and raw to living and loving on my favorite city. But, that’s an accurate representation of the last 16 months or so. It’s authentic, even if it has not always been pretty.

For the last year my progress with the book has been nonexistent as I’ve worked on more pressing life things. My public posts have been as infrequent as my personal writing and most of the ink I’ve put on paper over the last year went to the thank you notes and written correspondence I am so fond of sending these days.

In a layer of total transparency, I’m sure my lack of writing has had to do with my desire to feel like I have control over something and can dictate what I choose to share. I’ve been making the effort to carve out time for me, protect the few pieces of my life I like to keep out of the public eye, and have been making the effort to spend time with my genuine friends and not just working 24/7. The feverish pace of the last five years got me to this exact moment in time and I wouldn’t change them, but to survive the pace of the next five years I know I need to be better about looking out for me.

And in looking out for me, I need to get back to writing.

So, here’s the deal, my commitment is to get back to writing and posting something on this blog once per week between now and April 1. I’ve blocked out some time on my calendar to work on various writing projects where I can have a clear head and get my words down. You’ll see something from me somewhere between Monday and Saturday every week. Writing grounds me, centers me, and makes me realize when I’m taking myself too seriously/being too arrogant/selfish. My goal is what it has always been, to be authentic and dive into the bad just as much as the good.

Looking forward to giving you more to read.