Getting my Knowledge on at TEDx Indy

October 23, 2013 By Tom

Trust me, there are a lot of topics that I can write about–work, dogs, dating, funny stories from the past 2 months and that one time my gut feeling was spot on and I was right…

But today, I’m still feeling pretty inspired from attending the TEDx Indianapolis conference yesterday.  It was refreshing to get out of the office and hear a variety of topics and ideas from a vast array of speakers.  Throw in some impressive talent with the musical performances, including a great set by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and a reason to eat lunch at the City Market and it was a great day.

my view for the day–totally awesome

I learned something from each speaker yesterday, but there were a couple that really hit home both personally and professionally.  One speaker is the founder of the magazine FOUND, a really cool collection of notes, letters and scraps of paper that are found by different people (check it out:  Another speaker was incredibly dynamic and hit on topics including community engagement to benefit healthy lifestyles, urban food oasis situations and engaging the community at all levels.

rocking ISO performance

It’s always good to be more engaged in the plethora of programs, events, networking groups and social opportunities that Indianapolis offers.  As I’ve slowly dusted myself off from the past few years, I can’t describe how much I’ve learned from the NPO and Start-Up communities here in Indianapolis but feel fortunate for the old saying of “it’s better late than never”.

One thing I’ve really pushed myself to do (and had friends who have challenged me even more) is to find new events and ways to get connected into the community.  I’ve been fortunate that the community workspace I use, the Speak Easy, has been great for meeting new people in a variety of industries and with a variety of backgrounds.

So my challenge for you today–is to find something and challenge yourself…