Getting Snarky with an Attorney and More

September 3, 2014 By Tom

I’m writing this as I sit in the Butler University coffee shop getting ready for class.  Ten years ago, Rockville and I would plan our bike rides to come through campus and stop at the coffee shop so we could flirt with cute girls; now I just feel old.  In no less than two occasions since I sat down I’ve muttered “what the hell is she wearing?” to nobody in particular.

Every person has a breaking point, and my usually diplomatic personality lost the battle with my snark today as I spent 45 minutes arguing with an attorney from a school district about a trivial topic related to our contract___totally trivial, we were essentially arguing about what color the sky is___and I finally couldn’t bite my tongue any longer.

me: “you do realize that you’ve changed your position on this 4 times in the last 45 minutes, right?”

him: “yes, but I don’t think you’re understanding the point I’m trying to make.”

and then this photo popped across my phone as I was having this conversation, perfect timing

me: “my attorney wrote the damn contract and I understand every word in it, I understand exactly what we’re talking about and why you aren’t understanding.”

him: “not understanding?  It’s my job to understand!”

me: “do all of your discussions about contracts get this complex?”

him: “yes, contract law is the framework to either avoid or engage in litigation down the road”

me: “my favorite word, litigation, look, either sign the contract or don’t. I’m not removing the phrase and it’s never been an issue with any other school district”

him: “well, we aren’t like any other school district”

me: “no doubt, every other school district has an attorney that values my time over hearing himself talk”

him: “fine, you’ll have a signed copy in the next 20 minutes, but I still strongly object to the phrasing”

me: “but you’re signing it?”

him: “yes….*click*”

He sent me the contract 15 minutes later with what I can only describe as a dissenting opinion penned into his email.  And since he didn’t apologize for us getting disconnected I think it’s safe to assume he hung up on me.

And that my friends, somewhat summarizes my week.  I’ve been dealing with paperwork on the backend of everything, beginning a very large sponsor negotiation, and trying to get through the final hoops that each new school district has and make sure everything is ready before we launch programs next week.  This is the totally inglorious part of the job and yet vital for us to be able to do what we do.

The cool upside of this week was getting to hand deliver some supplies to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Bike Patrol at their northwest district HQ.  I’ve been very fortunate to get to know some of the officers over there in the unit over the last 8 months and it was great to be able to pay it forward a bit and help them out with stuff they need to keep the bike running smooth.

two great guys to get to work with on different projects

I had a great meeting yesterday afternoon with the literary crew related to moving forward on things book related.  I need to get some other things done that relate to the book or the speaking, namely get headshots sorted and start the process of building out a professional website.  To keep my sanity, we agreed that shooting for the first draft of a 75,000 word product to be wrapped by December 1 is a nice timeline when you look forward 5-6 months and when it would make sense to release the book.  So I guess, that kind of gives us all a very rough timeline moving forward that I’m sure will change 27 times before it’s final.  But, since I’m not using a ghostwriter, just hoping to find an awesome editor, I’d rather have the time to get it right and be proud of it versus feeling rushed on everything.


Keep on rolling forward,