Getting Some Sweat On

November 8, 2013 By Tom

I love to sweat, I love to put myself into the hurt box and I love to push the limits of what my body can do.  I finally got myself back to something I’ve been missing out on for the past few months—Crossfit.

In the midst of the split, juggling additional responsibilities as a one man team and having a crazy schedule I had been coming up with some great excuses to avoid going to class.  In fact, the last class I did was the Labor Day class a week after I was hit by the car while riding.  So it’s been a while, and the last class wasn’t pretty with how I was feeling post accident which had both been a great excuse to avoid going back and bothered me that I wasn’t 100% when I was last there.

So I got back to Circle City Strength and Conditioning last night out in Brownsburg for my return/rising of the phoenix/suffer fest and had a great session.  It was what my body was craving and pushed me to a level above and beyond the running I’ve been doing.  I’m paying a price for it today a bit, but it’s always nice to hurt-so-good.

absolutely true

Brutal class, finished off with some lemon chicken pasta and good company back at the house and a great football game between Oregon and Stanford.  As we were talking last night over dinner and wine a lot of the topics were related to work, health and the other usual dinner banter.  I thought back to the great image I saw last week as so much of our conversation revolved around plans not being what was expected, but finding a way to get to the other side no matter what gets thrown at you.

So, Monday/Thursday Crossfit is back on my calendar over these next few months as I make sure that I’ve got a consistent and strong base for some good runs when I’m up in Chicago for Thanksgiving and California at the end of the year.

Oh yeah, I’m going camping for the first time ever and rappelling this weekend.  Which I’m sure will result in some awesomely amusing stories come Monday morning.

Have a great weekend,