Giving Thanks, A Week Late

December 2, 2014 By Tom

a quick stop mid-run in Chicago to reflect and be thankful last week

Last week I sat down and started to pen out a very typical and traditional “What I’m Thankful For” blog before Thanksgiving. I wrote a fair bit of it but never finished it, never posted it and just before I started writing this…I deleted it.


Because it’s impossible to name all the people I’m thankful for over the past year. 2014 has been such a whirlwind of major life changes and successes. Of tough times and low points. Of new adventures, experiences and people. Saying goodbye to so much of the past. Disbelief at the amount of love I’ve found in my life.

It would have been a challenge to circle back to every single person who has made an impact on my life and that I’m thankful for.

I try hard to use this blog to highlight being thankful in the moment/immediate aftermath of specific situations. I think I do a pretty damn good job of capturing the big and little things in words and how they impact me. I also try to be as thankful and in the moment in real life and appreciative of not just those that do “something” for me, but those that impact me.

The last few blogs have been long, 500+ words—so tonight I’ll sum this one up with a giant thank you to every single person who has impacted me in the last year. Thanks to the friends and the foes, the lovers and the naysayers….you’ve all made me a better person and for that I am eternally grateful.