Giving Thanks

November 28, 2013 By Tom

a little time to reflect during an awesome walk yesterday in Chicago

Now come on, the fact I’m not sitting down and penning a scorched earth piece highlights this newfangled personal growth thing I’ve gone through.  A year ago, I’d have some awesome satire about the last few months that would have ended in a signature of “Happy Thanksgiving, Piss Off”, but I genuinely mean Happy Thanksgiving when I say it, even with everything going on in my life.

And, I’m not going to turn this into a “it would have been easy to crawl into a hole after I found out she was….” post, because it’s a day to give Thanks, and I’ve been pretty thankful in the past few months.

I had a group of friends that helped pick me up off the ground and dust me off.  I found myself meeting new people in new situations, I met an amazing woman who challenged me to never settle or just accept the situation, but to continue to “find awesome people doing awesome things”.  I’ve had the support and love of my parents, of my “sister”, of new friends from the community workspace putting up with my antics and old friends who have been in my life for years.

I’m thankful that I’ve laughed till I’ve cried more times in the last few months than ever before in my life.  The discovery of McSweeneys and Snapchat, Buzzfeed and Google Chat, Wednesday lunches, Milkshake Thursdays, Schooner Mondays, sitting around the fire pit, chasing my two great dogs around the house and yard, the discovery of “is it 2PM yet?” rules, Skyline Chili and Yats, my rediscovery of a love to travel, and so much more.

these pigeons were trying to recreate their own Phoenix mythology yesterday in Chicago

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an odd Thanksgiving, exploring Chicago yesterday without a big group, without the same family we’ve celebrated 4 holidays here in Chicago with previously and several more back in Ohio.  But I’m excited for what the next year brings and much like my often referenced Phoenix, rising from the ashes and becoming stronger and better is the best part of living and a challenge I gladly accept.

A month from now, I’ll be enjoying some time in Santa Monica, getting a run or two on the beach and celebrating something totally new.  And that’s what it’s all about, giving thanks for new friends, old friends, family, relationships, success, life lessons and having fun.  It’s going to be a whirlwind of a few weeks between now and then and I’m excited for every minute of the holiday season.

Bonus, I’ll really be giving thanks if the Lions win today, so let’s make it happen.

Have a great Thanksgiving.