Going Back to School

January 10, 2014 By Tom


I’m fortunate that I surround myself with really smart people.  The kind of people that love academia, the sort of folks that make me more intelligent, the crazy kids who think school is fun.

I graduated from college after doing a tour of duty that involved 3 different schools, leaving an athletic scholarship due to a coaching change, switching majors more times than I care to think of; and I fully credit graduating to my previous relationship because I knew that if I didn’t graduate, it wasn’t going to work (sorry Mom and Dad, you didn’t scare me nearly as much as she did).

When I graduated I had entertained ideas of law school and later, going back for a masters in philanthropic studies, but for the most part my plate has been pretty full with real world things over these last few years and after all the legal stuff I found myself in after The Crash, I decided law school wasn’t my cup of tea.

Mainly, if you know me, you know I have a love/hate relationship with higher education.

…and now I’m a mentor for others.

I am fortunate to be a mentor at Butler University in their Business School.  They were looking for individuals involved in a variety of backgrounds and experiences here in Indianapolis for their “Real Business Experience” sessions that are a required part of the B-School.  I’ve certainly got lots of highs and lows from my experiences as director of a start-up NPO here in Indianapolis and have had the desire to share my experiences with others.

I honestly thought it would be years before I was in a position to play a small role as an educator, man of wisdom or anything else.  Who would have thought that my real life experiences would get me full circle back into an area that has always interested me.  Here’s to being a real adult, having students I’m responsible for and transitioning from a student ID to a staff/mentor ID from a University.

I got all the information from the professor leading the class today and I got genuinely excited.  if you’re wondering where you can find me on Tuesday and Thursday late afternoons, it’ll be at Jordan Hall.  Who would have thought that _this_ is what would get me back to a campus of higher learning?!

So, in this case, “Go Dawgs” will be added to my list of teams to cheer for in this city!

Have a rocking weekend.