Goosebumps for Tonight

February 8, 2014 By Tom

I’ve been working on Wheels and Wings for about 4 months now, and yesterday was the last big piece of work to see it all come together.  The Speak Easy was incredibly kind to let us set up last night (hold your tongue, call it a perk), and the plane and bikes look awesome in the space.

It’s been incredibly heartwarming to see how many people believe in the missions of Nine13 and Flight1 and some of the praise and conversations I’ve had remind me why I’m pursuing my vision of Nine13 and how we can truly make an impact on Indianapolis.

Here are a few preview shots of the space from last night.  I totally sat there and just took it in for a few minutes amazed at what we have been able to do.

why couldn’t I have this in my bedroom as a kid?

seriously, this thing is huge, 26 foot wingspan

bikes and planes, it’s perfection

VIP loft view

this makes me smile, the most photographed wall in Indianapolis now has our bikes in front of it

To everyone who has made this possible, I thank you all the time from the corporate side of stuff, but from the personal side–your kindness continues to inspire me and the growing support continues to move me.  It’s an honor to call so many of you friends.

I’ll see many of you tonight.