Green Wheels and a Good Time

March 17, 2014 By Tom

My weekend started Friday afternoon with getting approval for another good sized deal that comes with some cash for the company (woohoo!), and then wrapping up the day with picking up these awesome, and very green, bicycles from our corporate sponsor that uses them in their marketing efforts.

I’m not sure I could have kicked off St. Patrick’s Day weekend with anything more green than these.

need more green? not possible with these awesome bikes

running selfie, sometimes you just have to get cheesy

Kicked off my Saturday morning with a solid run.  I had originally thought about doing the Shamrock run here in town but am still feeling the rib a bit and am really trying to easy into this as best as possible.  I seem to keep oscillating between being overly patient as this thing heals up and then stubbornly trying to push through it because I’m sick of sitting around.

I’m still up in the air on the run I wanted to do in April, mainly because of the lack of decent training I’ve been able to log.  As I’ve highlighted in my stupidity before, it is possible to run a 1/2 marathon or a 1/4 marathon without any real training—but it’s not something I suggest doing and this time around I would rather have a decent time than just doing it for survival.

The rest of Saturday consisted of playing downtown with friends while enjoying the beautiful weather we had outside.  The beer garden at the Rathskeller was a great place to hang out and enjoy the sun and unwind from the craziness of the last few weeks.

it’s never a full bar when we’re around

keeping the superstition alive

In the past 3 weeks I had 27 legitimate meetings.  They’ve all gone super well (thanks to Sushi Sunday?) and I’m feeling incredibly confident on things at work.  We’re hiring part time staff, I’ve got a grant outstanding related to hiring a new full time person and the deals seem to be closing really easily.  This week is a bit calmer and I’ve only got a couple of meetings, but I landed a meeting I’ve been chasing for 18 months that got scheduled for Wednesday–and it’s a meeting that if it goes well will make a substantial impact on Nine13 based on both brand affiliation and dollars.  It was only logical last night to continue the trend of Sushi Sunday and see how it helps me out this week.

A nice low key St. Patrick’s Day for me today, working from home and getting my office cleaned up a bit while playing with the pups and running a few errands.  Feeling pretty lucky to be sitting in front of the fire and finishing up all the stuff I started this weekend.