Guest Blog Posted and Defining Goals

March 27, 2014 By Tom

she was less impressed with the blog as she was with a cup of ice

The big news of the day is the blog piece I wrote for got published this morning:

Happy, and honored, to have my first major guest blog go live.  Bloomerang is a well known NPO site with a lot of traffic on their site.  As I continue to grow in the role I have in the non-profit world and speak not just on behalf of Nine13, but of the experiences I’ve had and learned that I think translates across the industry; it is important for me to continue to find writing opportunities on a large scale platform and further engage in public speaking activities.  I’ve had a couple people ask me recently if I plan on applying to speak at one of the larger regional events that combines community, collaboration and making an impact in your surroundings–something I had been thinking about and still deciding if it’s the right thing for 2014.

As of today it appears I’ll have three major media spots on TV with three different stations, and some print/online media focusing on work programs.  I had to spend an hour this morning juggling which media sources were going to be where and which sponsor contacts needed to be represented.  Feeling lucky that there’s so much positive interest in what we do at work and the impact we can make in Indianapolis with growing support..

And of course, Bailey doesn’t really care what I do, as long as she gets her food and drink.  Thanks for the support, pup.