Guilty Pleasure

March 18, 2014 By Tom

Zee doesn’t seem as thrilled with my action movie selection

One of my guilty pleasures is watching really bad action movies while working from home.  Right now I’ve got “Battle: Los Angeles” on and I’m appreciating the fact that the whole plot takes place in Santa Monica (not LA) and I know some of those roads from running them when I was out there back in December.

So I’m sitting here working from home this morning till lunchtime when I head out for a pretty busy day while fighting a nasty migraine from these dramatic weather shifts.

This week has suddenly gotten busy, and I’m mentally ready to get back into the schools five days a week with programming after spring.  I had a big chunk of my day today dedicated to a 1PM meeting that got cancelled, which freed up my ability to go to the Mayor’s Council meeting this afternoon.  After that I have my class at Butler and getting ready for a major meeting with a corporate foundation tomorrow and an event we’re doing with Lawrence Township Schools tomorrow evening.

I finished up a guest blog for that I’m told will be published on Thursday.  It’s on the topic of young non-profits gaining foundation support and the struggles that go with growing from non-profit idea and into reality.  As I continue to push forward with advocating the idea of social entrepreneurship and the realities that come from that–my writing and speaking on the topic continues to be an area I really focus on growing both my skills and reputation with.  I continue to be excited for everything going on both professionally and personally as we move into spring.