Halloween Weekend

October 28, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year! It means; candy, old school movies, pumpkins, fall scented candles and cuddling up during scary movies. Okay, I don’t really like scary movies but Tom usually gets me to sit through one during Halloween time, which I spend “watching” with my eyes covered most of the time.

My mom started this weekend off with sending us a great Halloween themed basket full of goodies. She rocks at making themed baskets and really should start her own business…just saying mom!

The rest of our weekend will be spent buying candy for Trick or Treat. We’ve been told we are the cool house that has the good Skittles. Well, we can’t let our neighborhood kids down and not have the good stuff!

We’ve talked about carving pumpkins. We were debbie downers and skipped last year. Mostly because I get bored after about three cuts and then Tom has to finish my pumpkin as well as his. Although I really like this idea….one cut and it would hold my wine during trick or treat…hmmm…

We’ll probably watch a few more Halloween movies. We’ve already watched Hocus Pocus and Casper, which still rank #1 and 2 year after year. But there are plently more to watch…of course working around the football schedule 🙂
And last but not least on October 31st…..
This girl turns 5!!!!!!! We will probably treat her with a trip to the dog bakery so she can pick out her own present. Oh yes, we are those dog parents.
We hope everyone has a great and spooky Halloween weekend!!
Mostly pictures via Pinterest