Handshake Meets Pokerface

January 31, 2015 By Tom

I had somebody shocked recently to learn that Nine13sports is a 2.5 person organization.

That person was writing us a significant check.

for real, we don’t have enough staff to play the sax in this three piece band

When they learned we were in fact, staffed with less than the normal three piece band, let alone the Beatles, they were shocked.

“How do you do all you do with so few people?”

“How are there enough hours in the day for you to get everything done?”

“Your operation seems so much bigger, are you sure that you’re that small?”

“You need to grow, if you can do this with a couple of people, I want to see what you can do with triple the staff!”

I’ve said it to enough people privately and haven’t exactly been discreet about our scheduling issues and booked capacity for 2015, so it’s time to actually write it down for the world to read….

Nine13sports needs to grow. My 2015 focus is not just to provide program services to 30+ schools in Central Indiana, but to at least double our operating capacity by adding an additional team. Twice the bikes, twice the trailers, twice the trucks, more than twice the staff, twice the amount of schools served, twice the awesome.

We’re already in discussions with a partner that is interested in funding the vast majority of the second team. Hell, we’re at least having surface level conversations about plans to potentially add a third team. We’re not just expanding, we’re taking off like a damn rocket ship.

I sat down this morning and wrote down the positions I would need to fill over 2015 as we add a second team and at least prepare for a third. Suddenly, I realize that our staff at minimum will go to 5 full time people and most likely 7-10.

What. The. Hell?

I was still getting used to having interns, and having interviews for summer interns, and fall interns—but I don’t think my mind had fully comprehended the staff situation.

Luckily, I can say that I’ve been laying the blueprints for what an expansion would look like for much of the last year. We know what we need, we’re firming up the logistical operations for additional teams. We’re preparing to have the real and perceived issues that come with big growth.

And that’s just here in Central Indiana. As I longingly eye Seattle and Chicago (and other cities), I’m well aware that our operations could take us to double digit numbers in the blink of an eye that 2015 will be.


laying out the office. we don’t have the whole area in the blueprint, but we have a good chunk of it.

On that note, I can say with confidence that Nine13sports will be growing up and moving into our own full time space this summer. I can’t reveal exactly where or how yet, but I can say that it will champion the fact that I believe in collaboration and community engagement with other organizations. We’ll have a lot of space to handle our staff growth (whatever that becomes), to have state of the art equipment available and to be able to support our operations both in Indiana and across the country. I hope to be making an announcement in late March about where the location is and what it will look like in terms of being our anchor to the Indianapolis community for many years to come.

Remember when the naysayers said “Nine13 is going to fail?” Seems like a lifetime ago.