House Remodel in Photos

January 4, 2013 By Tom

House remodel in photos–will get more/better galleries up here as we wrap up the rest of the remodel

our awesome new shower–5 feet wide by 3.5 feet deep and three great showerheads

new windows in the bathroom that actually open

entrance to closet (we removed the old glass sliding door and are just leaving it open

view from master bedroom into new bathroom

there used to be a window at the bottom of the steps, we closed it in and replaced the front door

the island is our kitchen table and we found some awesome stools for it

taller version of kitchen stools and some really cool leather ones in the bar

a totally new room in all reality–our bar off the kitchen

this range makes me smile every time I use it. Griddle and grill as well as two ovenss

new window/sink

sink and view down the counter

microwave built into the island

view looking into the bar from the end of the island

whole kitchen

new back door